C. Sue Furman, Ph.D.
Sue Furman and HTT are highlighted in a feature article, "Victorian teaches gentle touch for canines with photos" and video published in the Victoria Advocate.

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Canine Massage for Every Athlete!

Competitive Athlete
Working Athlete
Recreational Athlete
Infirm Athlete

Holistic Touch Therapy offers massage and acupressure classes for competitive, working, recreational, and infirm canine athletes. These modalities can stimulate the canine competitor, energize the working dog, invigorate the couch potato and improve fitness in all dogs. Massage and acupressure can also comfort and encourage healing in a sick or injured dog, relax the stressed or anxious dog, and build confidence in the shy, abused, neglected or rescued dog by promoting homeostatic balance in the body's organ systems.

Let Dr. Sue Furman teach you pet massage and acupressure so you too can comfort and heal.

She presents onsite massage and acupressure classes using a combination of PowerPoint™ lectures and demonstrations of proven Swedish and Sports massage techniques and acupoint stimulation, interactive discussions with students and personal critiques of student hands-on mastery of the skills. In her online massage and acupressure classes, Sue presents lively 60 minute PowerPoint™ lectures that make you think you are sitting in a class room with her as you listen to her explain the material. These classes include downloadable handouts, video clips of hand positions, reading assignments, and tests that are immediately graded online.

Dr. Furman's Newest Book & DVD

A review by Narda G. Robinson:
Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog is a MUST HAVE book for dog lovers and those who are considering becoming a canine massage therapist. In this compelling work, C. Sue Furman, PhD, interweaves telling photos, engrossing diagrams, and highly readable text, seamlessly integrating science, experience, and wisdom. Never before has a book about massage grabbed and held my attention so thoroughly from cover to cover, further stoking my enthusiasm for the art of massage, which I include on nearly all of my patients. Whether you massage one dog or hundreds, know what you're doing and why. This book will give you the firm footing you need to begin with the basics. In so doing, it opens the door to a world of hands-on healing practices grounded in science.

Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, DABMA, FAAMA
Director, Colorado State University Center for Comparative and Integrative Pain Medicine
Founder and Director, Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians Program, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO


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Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog

Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog

Book & DVD
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