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Canine Massage Practitioner Certification

All classes on this Canine Massage Practitioner Certification page are NCBTMB approved.

Canine Massage Theory and Techniques

In the Canine Massage Theory and Techniques Program, Dr. Sue presents a comprehensive view of how the touch of massage affects the body, mind and spirit of the dog. Modules 1-6 stress how the eleven organ systems of the dog's body perceive, respond to, and heal with massage. Modules 7-12 present the application and appropriate use of more than 30 Swedish massage strokes. Upon registration, you receive a copy of Dr. Sue's book, Balance Your Dog: Canine Massage. Classes include downloadable handouts, video clips of each massage move, reading assignments in Balance Your Dog: Canine Massage, and tests that are immediately graded online.

The Online Class presents Modules 1-12 online. All the work is done in the comfort of your home with your own dog(s).

The Combo Class offers Modules 1-6 online and a Modules 7-12 Workshop onsite with Dr. Sue.

Online Class

Modules 1-12 Online — $1,500

Combo Class

Modules 1-6 Online & Modules 7-12 On-Site Workshops — $1,500

Workshop dates:

Modules 1-6 Online — $750

Learn on your computer in the comfort of your home.

Canine Anatomy online Modules 1-6


Modules 7-12 Onsite Workshops — $750

Register at least 2 weeks in advance.

Learn hands-on with Dr. Sue.

  • March 11-12, 2017
  • April 28-29, 2017
  • June 10-11, 2017
  • September 9-10, 2017
  • October 7-8, 2017

Limited to 4 students per class.

A $375.00 deposit reserves a workshop position.

The balance of $375.00 is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

Enrollment Policy

The number of students per class is limited to four students at the Holistic Touch Therapy facility and by space at other facilities.

A deposit is required for enrollment in all on-site classes. The amount of the deposit is one-half of the course tuition. The balance of the tuition is due one week in advance of the course to allow time for a student to receive required pre-course materials.

A student may withdraw from an on-site class at any time. Administrative fees may be charged.

A student may withdraw from an online course at any time. No refund will be available.