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Canine Massage Practitioner Certification

Watch a sample video

Watch a sample video.

  • Canine Massage Practitioner (CMP) is awarded upon completion of the Canine Massage Theory and Techniques Program online.
  • Two day hands-on onsite workshop described below is optional.
  • Master Canine Massage Practitioner (MCMP) A student certified as a CMP can seek advanced certification by completing any combination of 5 Petting with a Purpose classes, and the Holistic Touch Therapy First Aid & CPR classes.

All classes on this Canine Massage Practitioner Certification page are NCBTMB approved.

Canine Massage Theory and Techniques

  • Certification as a Canine Massage Practitioner (CMP)
  • Complimentary copy of the eBook version of Balance Your Dog: Canine Massage
  • 50 Minute PowerPoint lecture for each of 12 modules
  • Modules 1-6 cover the anatomy and physiology of the dog
  • Modules 7-12 teach over 30 Swedish massage moves with video clips of each
  • Downloadable handouts, reading assignment, and tests
  • Work at your own pace to complete all modules online
  • All the work is done in the comfort of your home with your own dog(s).

Online Class

Modules 1-12 Online — $1,500

Two Day Hands-on Onsite Workshop

  • Practice more than 25 Swedish massage strokes
  • The specific beneficial effects of strokes are discussed
  • Dr. Sue critiques students as they perform each stroke
  • This workshop jump starts the practice of massage on dogs in a canine massage business
  • A certificate of completion is presented at the end of the course
  • Two day workshop runs from 9am-5pm each day
  • A complimentary lunch is provided (see menu below)
  • Each workshop is limited to 4 students
  • Select a date then register for the $168 two day onsite workshop

NOTE: Lunch selections for each day should be emailed to Dr. Sue after registration.

Jason's Deli Traditional Box Lunch Menu

(Also available as a PDF document.)

Lunch choices

Jason's Deli Traditional Box Lunch

(750-1280 calories) Your Meat Choice, leafy lettuce, tomato and Traditional Bread Choice. Chips, pickle, Dessert Choice.

Meat Choices

(70-440 calories) All are nitrite-free:

• Roasted Turkey Breast
• Smoked Turkey Breast
• Roast Beef
• Ham
• Chicken Salad with Almonds and Pineapple
• Tuna Salad with Eggs

Bread Choices

(200-260 calories)

• Traditional: Multigrain Wheat, Country White or Rye

Dessert Choices

(240-410 calories)

• Cookie: Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut or Sugar
• Fudge-Nut Brownie

Vegetarian Option

Spinach Veggie Wrap Box (700-1020 calories)

• Organic wheat wrap filled with organic spinach, fresh-made guacamole and pico de gallo, mushrooms and Asiago.
• Side of fresh made salsa
• Choice of fresh fruit or baked chips
• Choice of dessert (see above)

Enrollment Policy

The number of students per class is limited to four students at the Holistic Touch Therapy facility and by space at other facilities.

A deposit is required for enrollment in all onsite classes. The amount of the deposit is one-half of the course tuition. The balance of the tuition is due one week in advance of the course to allow time for a student to receive required pre-course materials.

A student may withdraw from an onsite class at any time. Administrative fees may be charged.

A student may withdraw from an online course at any time. No refund will be available.