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C. Sue Furman, Ph.D.

Sue and Wolfchase Pack

Dr. C. Sue Furman spent 40 years at several major universities including the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences teaching future physicians and veterinarians and conducting research involving nerve and muscle. She combined her expertise in holistic animal care methodologies with extensive scientific understanding of neuromuscular structure and function to practice and teach Holistic Touch Therapy canine massage and acupressure. In 1995 she formed Holistic Touch Therapy School of Canine Massage and Acupressure.

An expert in animal massage and acupressure, she is also a certified instructor in small animal first aid and CPR and is certified to practice canine and equine Healing Touch, the Bowen technique and Reiki. A recognized expert of alternative animal healthcare methods, Dr. Furman has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Dog Fancy, Cat Nip and Cat Fancy magazines.

An accomplished author, Sue has numerous scientific and trade articles and books to her credit including articles in The Alpenhorn, The Whole Dog Journal, Clean Run, Equine Athlete, Horse Illustrated, and The Illinois Horse Network. Currently, her Your Happy Pet column is published weekly in The Victoria Advocate. Dr. Sue has published several books on the subject of canine health and massage and has authored and edited other books concerning women's health and scientific techniques.

Dr. Sue's map of the world

The numbers on this map of the world are representative of some of the many lovers of dogs and canine massage Dr. Sue has touched with her teaching.
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Dr. Sue serves as a past and current member of groups such as the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), Centennial Pens and Publishers, Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association, the Irish Wolfhound Association of the Mid-South, Society for Neuroscience, and American Society for Cell Biology.

Dr. Sue shares her home and life with the Wolfchase pack of Irish Wolfhounds and friends who allow her ample opportunity to practice canine massage and acupressure. The dogs are also eager participants in her Holistic Touch Therapy canine massage and acupressure classes. Members of the Wolfchase pack appeared in Animal Planet's Breed All About It: The Irish Wolfhound and are frequently seen with Sue at AKC conformation shows.