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Dr. C. Sue Furman is a writer and teacher of holistic animal complementary therapies who founded Holistic Touch Therapy School of Pet Massage and Acupressure. She holds a BA and MA in zoology from Southern Illinois University and a PhD in biological sciences from The University of Texas.

Book, Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog
DVD, Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog

Sports Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog DVD and book emphasize the role canine massage plays in promoting a healthy body, mind, and spirit of the dog. This book will give you the firm footing you need to begin the basics of canine massage.

Book: $24.95
DVD: $24.95
Both for $42.42


Balance Your Dog: Canine MassageBalance Your Dog: Canine Massage
Written especially for those who want to enhance the quality of life for dogs. Balance Your Dog combines a deeply rooted love of dogs, a holistic caring philosophy and a strong scientific foundation of canine massage to celebrate the magical uniqueness of the human-canine bond. It is truly a very readable, informative reference. This book received the prestigious Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY award and is considered a comprehensive definitive guide on canine massage. Your dog will thank you for this book!

Paperback: $28.95 (+S&H)


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Look what the experts are saying...

"Canine Massage for the Athlete in Every Dog is a MUST HAVE book for dog lovers and those who are considering becoming a canine massage therapist. In this compelling work, C. Sue Furman, PhD, interweaves telling photos, engrossing diagrams, and highly readable text, seamlessly integrating science, experience, and wisdom. Never before has a book about massage grabbed and held my attention so thoroughly from cover to cover, further stoking my enthusiasm for the art of massage, which I include on nearly all of my patients. Whether you massage one dog or hundreds, know what you're doing and why. This book will give you the firm footing you need to begin with the basics. In so doing, it opens the door to a world of hands-on healing practices grounded in science.
Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, DABMA, FAAMA — Director, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Colorado State University Center for Comparative and Integrative Pain Medicine. Founder and Director, Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians Program, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO

"...Balance Your Dog is versatile and comprehensive enough to meet the needs of anyone from those wanting to learn canine massage for their pets, to serious students of canine massage who plan to make massage therapy part of their life's work..."
Rhonda Reich, M.A., C.M.T., E.M.T. — Animal Program Coordinator, Boulder College of Massage Therapy

"Dr. C. Sue Furman combines her expertise in canine anatomy with her intense love for dogs in a winning combination. This the definitive guide on canine massage."
Arden Moore — Contributing editor, Dog Fancy; Columnist, Prevention; Author of Dog Training: A Lifelong Guide and Happy Dog

"Massage is one of the most powerful ways to relax and heal our dogs. In this book, author Dr. C. Sue Furman provides a whole-istic approach to canine massage and effectively puts that power into your hands."
Chris Zink, DVM, Ph.D.

"Whether you are a student looking for a reference text or a dog owner who wants to massage your pet, Balance Your Dog is what you want ~ Thorough, technical and yet easily understandable, this book is simply wonderful."
Jocelyne Gagne — CKC & AKC Conformation Judge

"Dr. C. Sue Furman has provided the reader with the most comprehensive book on the study and methods of canine massage. All canine athletes will thank her for creating this most beneficial book!"
Bonnie Lee — AKC Obedience Judge