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Holistic Touch Therapy for Dogs

Canine massage therapy and canine acupressure are proven techniques that encourage better health and healing for your dog, no matter his age or specific health condition. A massage therapy and acupressure program will:

  • Invigorate the couch potato
  • Stimulate the canine competitor
  • Energize the working dog
  • Comfort and encourage healing in the sick or injured dog
  • Build confidence in the abused, neglected, and rescued dog
  • Deepen the bond of love with your best friend

Dr. Sue Furman is an acknowledged massage guru, and for decades has been providing comfort and relief for canines through massage therapy, and training for dog lovers and massage professionals through hands-on classes. Now her decades of experience are available to you through her online training courses.

Whether you're interested in providing canine massage and acupressure for your pet or becoming a certified canine massage professional, Dr. Sue Furman will teach you pet massage and acupressure so you too can comfort and heal. Using a combination of video lectures and clips of hand positions, reading assignments, and demonstrations of proven Swedish and Sports massage techniques and acupoint stimulation, you'll think you are sitting in a class room with her as you listen to her explain the material. Classes also include downloadable handouts and tests that are immediately graded online.

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